Please consider value in comparing rates.  I do believe you will get more than you pay for when I service your piano.

                    Basic tuning   - $120.00 
Pitch correction and tuning - $140.00 to $165.00
                    Concert tuning - $130.00

    Verbal condition or value appraisal - $50.00

Written condition and value appraisal -$120.00

Repair service rate - $90.00 per hour plus $30.00 travel fee.  Sunday and Holiday rate - $135.00 per hour $45.00 travel.

Minimum service charge - $30.00 

Basic tuning will take 1 hour if no more than 4 to 8 cents pitch correction is needed.

Concert tuning will take 1.25 hours and the piano must start at desired pitch.  Usually A440 standard pitch.  Additional charge if pitch correction is needed based on time. Standby time charged at $48.00 per hour, if time waiting extends scheduled tuning time.  

Many times basic quick adjustments to action or pedals can be made and included in the tuning time and price. 

For extended repairs or regulation work charges are based on hourly rate plus cost of any parts used.  I will let you know in advance what work may be needed in the future or is necessary with or before the tuning is completed.

Discounts available for multiple pianos at same location and for setting up a routine maintenance schedule.